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1. AXA Advisors does not provide legal, accounting or tax advice.

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Retirement Strategies

How concerned are you about:

Knowing how much income, in today's dollars, you will need upon retirement?
Knowing how much income your current plan will provide upon retirement?
Having a systematic program for savings and investments?
Accumulating retirement funds without paying current taxes on any growth?
Reducing current taxation on a portion of your retirement income?
Your savings and investments maintaining their buying power?
Does your company provide a retirement plan?
Does your spouse's company provide a retirement plan?
Are you satisfied with the amount of your current savings and investments?
Are you satisfied with your asset diversification?
Have you confirmed your Social Security earnings and benefits in the last 12 months?
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Accumulation Strategies

How concerned are you about:

Providing funds for your children's college education?
Saving for a new or second home?
Saving for a special vacation?
Saving for a special project or purchase?
Saving to buy a business or practice?
Do you know how much money you will need for your accumulation goals?
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Income Protection Strategies

How concerned are you about:

Paying off the mortgage and other debts in the event of death or disability?
Providing adequate income for your family in the event of death or disability?
Providing long-term care for yourself, your spouse or your parents?
Does your company provide group term life insurance?
Does your company provide survivor's benefits for your spouse?
Does your company provide a disability income program?
Would you like to review your current insurance coverage?
Do you believe you may have to support a parent or other family member?
Are there any special needs situations?
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Wealth Preservation Strategies

How concerned are you about:

Reducing estate taxes your heirs may have to pay?2
Providing for the efficient transfer of assets to your heirs?
Managing an inheritance or potential inheritance?
Setting up a Living Trust?
Having an up-to-date will?
How soon would you like to have an up-to-date will?
Do you have an attorney?
Do you have a CPA/Tax advisor?
Would you consider starting a gifting program to reduce the size of your estate?
Would you consider making charitable gifts?

2. AXA Advisors does not provide legal, accounting or tax advice. You should consult your own legal, accounting or tax professional for such advice. Only investment advisory representatives may offer and provide financial planning services.

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Other Strategies
Do you have written financial goals?
Have you implemented a plan for achieving your goals?
Do you have a current inventory of your major assets?
Do you have a current copy of your company's benefit program?
Would you like a review of existing financial arrangements?
Is it important for you to have access to a team of financial professionals?
Would you like a comprehensive financial analysis?
If not, is there one area or several areas that you would like to focus on?
If yes, what areas are they?
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Anticipated Changes

Check all that are likely to occur in the next 12 months

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Household Income

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Types of Assets or Insurance

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Assets and Liabilities

Total Assets (exclusive of home)

Total Liabilities

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Personal Experience, Goals and Objectives
How much would you like to set aside on a monthly/yearly basis to achieve your financial goals?
How Much of a Risk Taker Are You?

Which of the following best describes your investing habits?

To provide more detail about your risk tolerance, be sure to complete our Risk Questionnaire.

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