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Thanks for exploring a relationship with our firm.  Here is what you should expect upon sending this contact request.  First, you should hear from us (unless you indicate otherwise) in very short order (usually within 4 hours).

We will have an introductory phone call that lasts about 15 minutes.  It is our opportunity to understand what you are trying to accomplish in "macro" terms.  If you need a service that we do not provide, we want to save you time and get you to someone who can help you more efficiently.

If all goes well, we will arrange an introductory face-to-face meeting.  You need bring nothing to this meeting because our intention is to get to know you, what drives you, and to more fully understand your situation.  It is also our opportunity to more fully introduce ourselves to you ... and to answer any questions you may have in regard to our business model.

Talk to you soon!

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