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Welcome to Steck Wealth Management.  We are an independent financial advisory firm located in St. Louis (township of Town and Country).  We specialize in managing assets to be used in retirement for income and or for legacy. 

Our services are professional and personal.  Our telephones are not answered by machines and our clients are not asked to identify themselves by their account numbers. 

We actively manage the investment process because we believe that the old adage of "buy and hold" only works well if you have 25 or more years of timeline.  If you are going to use your assets for income, then we believe that proper care involves regular attention to your account and scheduled account reviews.  If you have more than $200,000 in investment assets please call us for a no cost consultation.

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14500 S.Outer Forty Rd. Suite # 201A
St. Louis, MO 63017
Phone: 314-984-5049 Fax: 314-230-9294