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Annunity Booklet



Don't buy another annuity without getting the facts.

Far too many people purchase annuities without knowing all the facts needed to determine what type of annuity is best and how to get the most out of it.


Annuity Owner Mistakes covers the following topics:

  • Is your annuity company giving you the best deal?

  • The IRS could take 50% of your annuity value! Learn a little known secret of how to dramatically increase the annuity payout to your beneficiaries TAX FREE!

  • How would you like an annuity that pays gains based on the stock market, yet helps protect your principal when the market declines? This may be a great solution if you want the safety of cash and stock market returns!

  • Learn how annuities can help reduce or eliminate the tax on your social security income.

  • For $50,000, get $5,244 every year!

  • Do you need long-term care insurance and not sure how to pay for it? Learn how annuities can help provide long-term care benefits.



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